Karaoke Burlesque

January 3, 2013 @ 9:00 pm – 11:45 pm
Hamburger Mary's
19 Northwest 5th Avenue
Portland,OR 97209

The early days of the new year are some of the coldest here in the Rose City. But we at Karaoke Burlesque know how to remedy the Winter Blues: Hot performances to warm your soul and… umm… other places too. Come to Hamburger Mary’s PDX on Thursday, January 3rd for a night of sexy hottness from the Karaoke Burlesque family!

Hot performers of many genders and sizes, YOU singing your heart out and Nikki’s Spanking Lounge should help make THIS the sexiest night of the New Year. You won’t want to miss it, and as always it is FREE ENTRY to Hamburger Mary’s, so bring your dollars for the dancers, the cheap drinks, entry to the Spanking Lounge, Raffle Prizes and KB Swag from our Sponsors and more! And if a lap dance from one of the performers sounds good to you, bring a $20.

Here are this month’s sexy performers in reverse alphabetical order:

Shugatits (Power Vox, Sexy Legs and BOOTY)
Shadow (A Yummy Beardy Boy with all the Right Moves!)
Nymph (A Sexy Nymph with Magic Hands!)
Nikki Lev (Your Slutty Hostess with the ASSets)
Mystique (Curvy Red Headed Bellydance Beauty)
Moxie Làroux (Busty cutie from the Fat Cat Felines)
Moonshine (A Hot and Spikey Young Lady with a lot of Power)
Marla Jaine (Sexy Drink of Water With Legs Up to HERE)
Hot Rod (Our Karaoke Virgin of the Month is a sexy man with an awesome voice!)
Eleven (Sexy Singer and Dancer with the Broadway action)
Danni St Athens (Tribal Groove and Hip Sway’n Smooth)

Oooh, and don’t forget the sexy Tip Tarts, Marla and Peenut, and our very delightful stage kitten, DeeAna De Luna! AND, the Sexy Spanking Lounge Helpers! We will also have a new KJ this month, the delightful and brash Noelle Magia!

All the yummy aspects of Karaoke Burlesque will be in place:

-The Hot Karaoke Burlesque Family of Singers and Dancers and New KB Virgins!
-You, Singing Your Favorite Songs and Strutting Your Stuff!
-Nikki’s Naughty Spanking Lounge!
-Fun Swag to Buy and an Awesome Raffle to Win Including Items from our Sponsors Cathie’s Lingerie, Leatherbound Industries, When You Knead It and many more!
-Participating Dancers Available for Lap Dances!

Karaoke starts at 9 PM, Burlesque starts at 9:30, and we’ll alternate between the two for the rest of the night.

Karaoke Burlesque is sex positive, size positive, and open and welcoming to all orientations. Ditto for Hamburger Mary’s!

Get hot with Karaoke Burlesque in January. We’ll make sure that you don’t cool down til Spring!

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