LGBTQ Parenting Resources

Options to parenting.

Family of Misfits


A mutual desire for children lead this couple to two adoptions. None of the four are biologically related and that makes for the perfect family.

Two Men & Two Babies


This couple creates a family via an egg donor and surrogacy and enjoys the gift of parenting, something they thought they’d never have.

Review: Little Shop of Horrors at Broadway Rose

BRTC Little SHop 2

Just in time for Halloween, Broadway Rose presents the colorful tale of a man-eating plant bent on world domination.

Bellissimo: Home Interiors


We feature two Portland interior designers

Out on Her Own: Future Film Maker

by Aaron Spencer As a child, Sabrina McCoy’s favorite movie was The Goonies. She liked it because the kids were just like her – lower-middle class with quirky interests and big imaginations. Even the main character, Mikey, was asthmatic, just like her – both of them carried around inhalers. Most of all, the kids didn’t [...]

Inspiring Maker: The Gift of Struggle

By Aaron Spencer The risqué subject of the documentary might have pushed the voting tallies over the top. The film was about the revival of burlesque, which has plenty of sex appeal and is a fairly popular pastime in the Pacific Northwest. The film is good in its own right, and it’s narrated by Margaret [...]

Coming Out: The Magic of Music

Some coming out experiences are easy. David Hastings’ experience was not one of those.