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Logan Lynn is a Portland-based musician, activist, writer, and is a regular contributor to Just Out.

No Apologies: An Interview with Queer Hip-Hop Duo God-Des & She


Just Out sat down with Texas hip hop pop soul artists and activists God-Des & She. Read the full interview & see them live at Crush on Tuesday, February 19!

Lightning Strikes: An Interview With Living Legend Joey Arias


New York City cabaret/performance-art/drag icon comes to Portland February 26th.

The Pariah Pool


Logan Lynn reflects on the difficulties and rewards of being a community activitist.

Community Work in 2012


This year saw many ways to become involved with our community.

In the Trenches: Back to the Garden


Hearing familiar music one Autumn evening transports this man from darkness to the light of the universe and a once unknown clarity.

In the Trenches: The Closet Trip


A trip to middle America for a family reunion leads back to old fears.

In the Trenches: The Curse of Being Old-Fashioned


It’s ok to be monogamous too.

In the Trenches: The Party’s Over. Now What?


Logan Lynn talks about his addiction and who he has become since getting clean.

Grief. It’s What’s for Dinner


Many of us love our pets as we would a family member, sometimes even more. When a pet dies, the grief can feel as strong as if a parent, child, sibling has died.

In the Trenches: The Recovering Christian’s Guide to Overcoming Godlessness

by Logan Lynn Having gone through an incredibly traumatic spiritual crisis centered around the very core of my identity as a young man, I spent many years dismissing all people and things which I perceived to be related to God. I escaped the fundamentalist Christian cult I was raised in around age twelve and any [...]