Coming Out Famously


Five celebrities — two athletes, a newsman, an actor and a musician — who came out in 2012.

The Simple Truth: Sexual Reorientation


We can change any number of things about ourselves if we want to. But what if one day humans can alter their sexual orientation?

The Simple Truth: Coming Out Quandries


Telling the family is one thing, but the days that follow coming out can be the real challenge. The poignant issue of telling the truth.

PLGFF review: I Want Your Love


A refreshing take on sex and intimacy is hindered by lack of character development.

The Simple Truth: A Gay Hero


The importance of having role models in games and in life.

The Simple Truth: Out & About at Work


It’s important to feel comfortable and be honest at work if you can.

PDA: We’re not in Idaho Anymore


Are things that different in Portland? Yes!