Nominate an LGBTQ Youth for a Higgins Award


$10,000 in grants from the Colin Higgins Foundation will go to youth who stood up to bullying.

LGBTQ Allies


A profile of some of our straighter family members.

Crime Against Nature


Gwen Seemel’s book and art exhibition explores the true diversity of natural behaviors.

In the Family Way: Lighting Our Way


Parenting can lead to conflict during the holidays. How much Christ do we want in Christmas? Discuss.

LGBTQ Parenting Resources

Options to parenting.

Family of Misfits


A mutual desire for children lead this couple to two adoptions. None of the four are biologically related and that makes for the perfect family.

Two Men & Two Babies


This couple creates a family via an egg donor and surrogacy and enjoys the gift of parenting, something they thought they’d never have.

In the Family Way: Worse than 2 Gay Dads


From within our our community or from the mouth of Rick Santorum, gay parents often come under fire and that can be a challenge for our children.

In the Trenches: The Curse of Being Old-Fashioned


It’s ok to be monogamous too.

In the Family Way: Intentional Mom


Following cathy’s journey as the non-biological parent.