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12 athletes that play well with others.

Weekend picks

Editor-in-Chief Alley Hector’s totally biased recommendations for the best stuff to do this weekend. All Weekend Latino Gay Pride Thursday Transit - Trans dance party at the Local Lounge. Joystick - Gayming at Ground Kontrol. Friday HomoDeluxe – Patio vibin’. Have a Heart On – Sexy Xmas in July. Lumbertwink - Keep Portland beard. BMP/GRND – 90s style [...]

Women’s 3×3 basketball tourney

The following post comes from Shaley Howard, Director and Organizer of HRC’s 3×3 Women’s Basketball Tournament: Excitement is building for HRC’s fourth annual Women’s 3×3 Basketball Tournament in Portland, Ore., on Saturday, July 28! This unique event is the largest 3×3 “women’s only” basketball tournaments in the state. Last year there were 26 teams of [...]