USA Today Deems Portland Oregon a ‘magnet for gay couples wanting babies’


Oregon Reproductive Medicine, a Portland fertility clinic, made Page 3 of Tuesday May 14, 2013 issue of USA Today for their success rate in helping gay and lesbian couples make families, not to mention Portland’s friendliness towards the LGBTQ community. Couples come from as far away as France, Germany, Israel, and China. For full story: [...]

Getting Hitched

Megan and Jeff!

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A look at how marriage laws (or lack thereof), can impact your relationship.

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Recipe for Baby


Congratulations! Whether solo or with your partner, you’ve decided that you want to conceive, carry, birth, and parent a child. While some choose to outsource the conceive-carry steps, you want to experience the entire process within your own body. Perhaps you feel the need to share your biology, or perhaps you just really want to [...]