2012 Best Films


The completely subjective top 5 movies of the year.

In the Pink: A Lazy Guide to Volunteering


Four non-profits that could use your gift of time — no waiting required.

In the Pink: Weight Loss Madness


Three signs from the media motivate this writer to ponder body issues, weight, Starbucks, SkinnyGurl and hate mongering aimed at fat.

In the Pink: Queer Hair Magic


An interview with Nancy Dear, local stylist to the stars.

In the Pink: Pride & Prejudice


When is pushing the envelope going to far?

Video Games: A Hidden Battleground

Mass Effect 3...woman power!

While everyone else is frolicking at the river, gamers like me are still in the house parked in front of a screen. But in Portland you never know when it’ll rain, even in August. So let’s have some indoor fun. In early 2012, a globally anticipated game was released. Mass Effect 3 hit shelves, and [...]

In the Pink: Remember Me?


Online dating changed Queer America. You could live in a town of 200, and suddenly have a global network of just-like-yous at your fingertips. Tired of the same old nears and dears, you could connect to Mr. Right in Australia. Suddenly, the person that knew you best was just one click away. Hooking up on [...]