Looking Back


Just Out, started during a controversy over the L-word, turns 30 years old in 2013.

Guest column from Jeana Frazzini


Basic Rights Oregon Executive Director speaks about the recent election and our hopes for the future.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…


The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Rearranging the Furniture

portrait of the new Bishop of Oregon Diocese

Rev. Michael Hanley has a simple idea that might change our political and religious conversation.

A Fight we Can Win by Senator Jeff Merkley

US Senator Jeff Merkley

by Oregon’s US Senator Jeff Merkley 2012 has been an historic year for LGBT equality. President Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality was a watershed moment in American history. Two legislatures, in Washington state and Maryland, voted to pass marriage equality and give LGBT couples the power to recognize their love and commitment under the law. [...]

Outside In: Their Best Chance

Ouside in_v4

by Kathy Oliver I started working at Outside In 30 years ago because at the time there weren’t many safe places to work as an out lesbian. Over the last three decades, I have learned a lot about the homeless youth we serve including the startling fact that nationally, as well as locally, up to [...]

New Vision. Same Soul.


I’ll never forget it. The sun was beating down on my back. The horse beneath me was breathing hard from the climb up the vista. And as I approached the crest of this Montana outlook, the vast view quickly grew in size as we came to a halt. I was alone except for a few gay cowboys and girls who were on the same adventure and, of course, our four-legged companions.