Dear Valentine…


Just Out Editor Alley Hector pontificates about Valentine’s Day

Holiday Hot Tips


Where to find unique gifts, events and even make a mean Peppermint Stick Martini.

qPDX: My Political Life


Hope for the upcoming Presidential election wars with the memories of 2000.

qPDX: Last Chance Summer Dance


Summer may be waning but Portland is still a vibrant festival-filled city.


Copenhagen at night

What’s the Danish term “hygge” have to do with Portland? Read this month’s column by (Aug 2012) Just Out’s editor-in-chief to find out.

qPDX: Portland Pride

by Alley Hector Pride is the time of year when our community celebrates. We certainly did plenty of that this year, in addition to nearly running out of our first issue during Sunday’s event. But it is also important to remember what started the first Pride celebrations in the early 1970s. Educating ourselves about the [...]

qPDX: Coming Full Circle

Pride. It’s one of the seven deadly sins and yet a term that has become a positive symbol of self-empowerment, a lifeblood of American culture. But as troubling as this might sound, our diverse LGBTQ community is uniquely able to embrace such a dichotomy. Three years ago the Pride Guide cover declared “Divided We Stand.” We continue to be divided on so many issues, and yet, we’re still standing.