Ambassadors Of Soil


A married couple combine their love for each other and gardening to help others connect to earth.

Say It With Flowers


Now that same-sex marriage is legal in Washington State one local florist looks forward to sharing his talent with gay couples.

Garden Gal: Bring the Outdoors In


Simple but exquisite holiday decorating begins with a trip outside to pick up some nature. Then the fun begins.

Garden Gal: A Common Table


A neighborhood garden table features a new harvest, friendship, a little mentoring — joy.

Garden Gal: Bella Madrona


Geof Beasly talks about his five acre garden made famous by the Pink Martini song.

Garden Gal: Magical Mosaics


Jeffrey Bale talks about building his beautiful but time-consuming garden mosaics.

Gardens: An Eye for Detail


Gardening prodigy Gavin Younie is featured in Just Out’s new Garden columnist, Anne Jaeger