In the Trenches: The Recovering Christian’s Guide to Overcoming Godlessness

by Logan Lynn Having gone through an incredibly traumatic spiritual crisis centered around the very core of my identity as a young man, I spent many years dismissing all people and things which I perceived to be related to God. I escaped the fundamentalist Christian cult I was raised in around age twelve and any [...]

Out on Her Own: Future Film Maker

by Aaron Spencer As a child, Sabrina McCoy’s favorite movie was The Goonies. She liked it because the kids were just like her – lower-middle class with quirky interests and big imaginations. Even the main character, Mikey, was asthmatic, just like her – both of them carried around inhalers. Most of all, the kids didn’t [...]

qPDX: Portland Pride

by Alley Hector Pride is the time of year when our community celebrates. We certainly did plenty of that this year, in addition to nearly running out of our first issue during Sunday’s event. But it is also important to remember what started the first Pride celebrations in the early 1970s. Educating ourselves about the [...]

In the Family Way: Out-Pacing Aunt Sally

by Cathy Busha & Anna Deligio “What will Aunt Sally say?” You know. The Aunt who lives 1,000 miles away from you in Colorado Springs (home to Focus on the Family), who still tells her sister/your mom, “I still pray for your homosexual son every night.” What will Aunt Sally say when she finds out [...]

Magic Mouth


Local Portland band, Magic Mouth is featured on the July issue’s cover of Just Out. Photos taken by Horace Long

Inspiring Maker: The Gift of Struggle

By Aaron Spencer The risqué subject of the documentary might have pushed the voting tallies over the top. The film was about the revival of burlesque, which has plenty of sex appeal and is a fairly popular pastime in the Pacific Northwest. The film is good in its own right, and it’s narrated by Margaret [...]

Outside In: Their Best Chance

Ouside in_v4

by Kathy Oliver I started working at Outside In 30 years ago because at the time there weren’t many safe places to work as an out lesbian. Over the last three decades, I have learned a lot about the homeless youth we serve including the startling fact that nationally, as well as locally, up to [...]

Fashion: In the Garden of Eternal Desire

In the Garden of Eternal Desire was photographed by Just Out Art Director Horace Long for the July 2012 issue of Just Out.  These photos were taken in at Portland’s Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and features the all-latex apparel of The Baroness (  Hair and make-up by Michelle Lagos (

In the Pink: Remember Me?


Online dating changed Queer America. You could live in a town of 200, and suddenly have a global network of just-like-yous at your fingertips. Tired of the same old nears and dears, you could connect to Mr. Right in Australia. Suddenly, the person that knew you best was just one click away. Hooking up on [...]

A&E: Jersey Boy


Bob Crewe was a man ahead of his time – think David Geffen set in the 50’s and 60’s. He was Fabulous and Flamboyant at a time when those words were code. Known as “the Fifth Season” (working with Frank Valli and The Four Seasons), he fashioned a group of street tough New Jersey guys [...]