USA Today Deems Portland Oregon a ‘magnet for gay couples wanting babies’

Oregon Reproductive Medicine, a Portland fertility clinic, made Page 3 of Tuesday May 14, 2013 issue of USA Today for their success rate in helping gay and lesbian couples make families, not to mention Portland’s friendliness towards the LGBTQ community. Couples come from as far away as France, Germany, Israel, and China.

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  1. Nice. We are a magnet for many things, it seems. Transfolk looking for a place to feel more comfortable being themselves. Those who may want to choose operation. Queer people who just want to live lives. Those who love the way hippies and stoners drive with less road rage. The mountains. Etc. NOBODY COMES HER FOR THE WEATHER. :) Nor for the brown people, lol.
    Loving this city for all it provides, including the things people from the outside say about us. We’ve got what many don’t have… tolerance, patience and the willingness to hear and support. Yay for us! And… we have a LONG way to go.
    Here’s to great beginnings/continuings! :)

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