Real People: Joe LeBlanc

How do you identify?
I am a Cajun poly genderqueer butch.

What do you do for a living?
I am the Development Coordinator at Basic Rights Oregon along with being the Founder and Board Chair for BUTCH Voices.

What’s your most embarrassing moment or a passion you have that no one would guess?
Singing karaoke with coworkers at Basic Rights Oregon. We get together occasionally as a small group and belt out tunes from a range of genres including country, hair bands, and 90s boy bands. It’s a lot of fun.

Have you ever experienced gay bashing?
I am very fortunate to say that I have not. With the work that I do with the Sexual Minority Round Table and Q Patrol PDX, Portland’s first LGBTQ community foot patrol, I know firsthand that hate-violence is a huge issue facing our community everyday.

Have you experienced discrimination within the queer community?
Definitely. I’ve experienced more discrimination from the queer community than any other, actually. People policing gender, and holding people to hetero and homonormative standards is a constant even in our queer bubbles. Being queer doesn’t make anyone enlightened nor above repeating those patterns of furthering discrimination against others, unfortunately.

What’s an important topic that the LGBT community should be talking about and isn’t?
Trans-inclusive health care and the needs for cultural competency in health care with the LGBTQ community.


  1. Thanks for what you do, Joe:-) So appreciated!

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