Gotta get a couple things off my chest

The local queer community may have many differences but we are also pretty good at coming together pool our resources, no matter how small. Even the now famous Beth Ditto was once a poor musician with no health insurance and medical bills to pay. So tomorrow’s benefit for community member Shea Lloyd to get a much needed breast reduction surgery is sure to be filled with feel good fun. Really, with emcee Kay-Anne Pepper and DJs Roy G Biv and Mr. Charming altruism can be a good time.

From the beneficiary:

It’s happening!!! After working 2 jobs for the past 10 months, i am almost there…but i need YOUR help. Friends & extended community, please come show some support for this well endowed, no insurance having, tom-femme as i try to raise the rest of the money for my surgery in Oct.

There will be a silent auction with INSANELY awesome items, such as:
*gift certificates for tattoo & piercing by D’lacie Mcbride, Clio Sady, Jesse Enz, Seven Wolfe & your’s truly!
*acupuncture treatments by Alison Carr & Marya Deda!
*kick ass artwork by some of your favorite local artists!
*delicious pastries from Dovetail bakery!
*homemade jam by Slow Jamz!
*herb consultation by Silke!
*a drum set that carries some serious punk rock herstory!

*********With emcee Kaj-anne Pepper**********
*********DJ Roy G Biv*********************
*********DJ Mr Charming*************

Come early for the auction! Stay & eat boob cake & dance with me!
Can’t wait to see everyone there!

P.S. This event will for real be over at 11pm, so come early!

So come own down to one of the last great physical record stores the Record Room (8 NE Killingsworth) tomorrow from 7-11pm. There will be boob cake people!

Alley Hector

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  1. shea lloyd says:

    Wow, Thanks for the write up, Alley!! If you can’t make it to the benefit & want to donate anyway, feel free to visit the chip in page!!

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