Illage Adult Summer Camp arrives

Before the summer ends you still have a chance to relive your summer camp days as a youth, or experience what you  missed if you never got to be part of the Salute Your Shorts crew. Conversely, many of us may have been traumatized by sleep-away camp, experiencing bullying or feeling left out. These are all reasons why community member Alex Simon, along with a cadre of eager co-organizers and participants have designed a summer day camp just for grownups.

Going from Monday August 13th to Sunday the 19th Illage Summer Camp features classics like games of Capture the Flag, Friendship bracelet making and tie dying alongside soon-to-be-traditions of edible artwork making, a unicorn float and a Mimosa morning sing-along. But one activity I’m particularly excited for (though it’s unlikely I’ll be able to attend) is Tuesday’s Bike Fountain SplashDance Tour. This winding bike ride from North Portland to downtown will stop several times with opportunities to frolic in our artful public water system and dance to portable music players. It’s especially welcome as this ride wasn’t featured during Pedalpalooza this year, though it was one of the most popular.

Many of the activities are during the daytime, so go ahead and take a few days off of that grueling work schedule. If you can’t, though, you still have plenty of opportunities for night activities such as a sunset hangout at the Skidmore Bluffs, a Talent Show at the Tardis Room and a Safari Disco themed outdoor alleyway dance party.

What began last year as some organized activities for friends has expanded to an experience for everyone. And they’ve added a map so you know exactly what they mean when they say “Illage Alley.” Plus, Monday’s Extreme Icebreaker opening should make you all close in no time. You can find the complete schedule below (as a list and a PDF download) or at their website Be sure to check back for updates and email Alex Simon with questions.


11 Extreme Ice Breakers

Lumber jack ninjas, sharks & minnows etc. Peninsula Park

1 – 3 Random Acts of Kindness: a Bike Adventure

Sidewalk chalk, anonymous love notes, complements etc. During this event we will being stopping at food carts for lunch.

Departing from Peninsula Park

3 – 5 Alter Ego Self Discovery & Fountain Splashing

Discover your alter ego through games, art and play. With Melody Awesomamazing and Myrtle.

Peninsula Park

6 – 7:30 Top Chef

Bring 1-3 ingredients to create the ultimate unconventional sandwich, there will be judges and trophies.

Peninsula Park picnic tables

Sunset Hangout

And other fun things.

Skidmore Bluffs



11 – 2 Bike Fountain Splashdance Tour

Group ride from North Portland to Downtown and back with 4 or more stops to have dance parties in fountains. Moderate pace. Bring water and your best dance moves.

Depart from Illage Alley

2:30 – 3 Sandwich Break!!

Penutbutter and jelly, fluff, nutella.

Peninsula Park Gazebo

3 – 4:30 Triple Bike Workshop

Fix up your bike with a pro, bike safety talks, and bikedazzling for everyone!

Peninsula Park

5 – 6 How to Talk to Cops

Information from a lawyer.


Skidmore Bluffs

6 – 7 Cloud Watching & Friendship Bracelet Making

Skidmore Bluffs

Capture the Flag!!

Wear Black.

Peninsula Park



11 – 12 Make your own trail mix

Bring 1-3 ingredients.

Illage Alley

12 – 4 Hike in Forest Park

Please bring car if available.

Ride share please.

Meet in Illage Alley

Eat Your Art Out!

Edible art work potluck.

There will be prizes to be won, so get deliciously creative.

Peninsula Park

8 – 10 Arm Wrestling

Bracket Competition! Trophies!

Sign up at 8, Competition at 8:30.

Florida Room

11 Slumber Party Games

Truth or Dare, Honey if you love me smile, and so many more.




11 – 1 Mimosa Morning Sing a long

Bring food and booze

Be prepared to get down and sing… drink along.

Illage Alley

1 – 3 Free Swim

Bring sunblock & coconut water, obvi. and $$ for snow cones & nachos. Swimming is free.

Peninsula Park Community pool

3 – 5 Spirit Animal Quest & Mask Making

I guess you’ll just have to see what this is when you get here . . .

Hippie Mansion

Naked lady party

Bring awesome clothing to swap.

Boys are invited too.

Hippie Mansion

6:30 – 9 Beaver Dome Creation

Hosted by The Crafty Beavers

Bring yarn and sparkly things.

Illage Alley

10 Talent Show

Bring your A game, there will be prizes. Sign up with Alex any time today. $2 well drinks from 9-12

Tardis Room



11-1 Unicorn Float Redemption

This float is already unbelievable but needs to be resuscitated.

Bring Sparkles/Craft supplies.

Illage Alley

1 – 3 Tie Dye & Camp Apparel Stenciling

Bring white clothing/ fabric.

Illage Alley

3 – 4 Urban Blackberry Hunting / Terrarium Building

Bring Baskets for berries & clear glass containers for terrariums.

Meet at Illage Alley

4 – 5 Fairy House Building

Bring only an open mind & magic.

Illage Alley

6 – 8 Pot Luck BBQ & Party Set Up

Illage Alley

Alley Party! Theme: Safari Disco!!!

DJ sets by By Masculine, DJ///DJS , DJ Clarify and DJ SIMONSAYS and more.

Illage Alley



Hangover Brunch

Massage train, temp tat party, self care. Bring food, booze & other vices.

Illage Alley


Come play or cheer. Bring mitts. Henna tattoos and tarot readings for the indoor kids.


4 – 5 Contact Improv Dance

Modern dance meets yoga but better! Just come try it!

Peninsula Park

5 – 6 Theatre Games

Peninsula Park

8 – 9 Marriage to Portland!

Meet at Illage Alley at 7:30, ride down to the waterfront together or meet at steel bridge pedestrian walkway at 8 wear wedding attire (how ever you define it). Lets celebrate our love for this city by making lofty promises, tossing roses into the river and confessing our deepest love for PORTLAND! p.s. This is an open marriage.

10 Bonfire & Smorgasbord

Skits / songs / s’more competition camp superlatives / byob

Hippie Mansion



12 River Trip

Caravan from Illage Alley


“Did this week really just happen?”

Casual drinks, photo booth memories, decompression with your new best friends.

Florida Room

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