Red Cap’s final countdown

Once again Portland is losing a gay institution, Red Cap Garage, which has lived on the historically gay Stark Street triangle for 25 years. (Which means you could totally say to the hottie hitting on you that you’ve been going there before he was born). But you already know the sad news. The good news comes in the form of several final days parties and performances.

Friday August 11th

Carla Rossi’s End of Days Diva Thunderdome

Drag provocateur Carla Rossi begins the blowout the weekend before the final with an apocalyptic showdown that promises to be bigger than Madonna (well at least Carla’s last Madonna party).

Dress for the Rapture in your best apocalyptic couture or channel your favorite diva for our PHOTOBOOTH and midnight costume contest.

Dance fuel by DJ LePhreak. Performances at midnight and into the wee hours. Fortune telling by Svetlana Transtastic. And, of course, drink specials all night.

Friday August 17th

Peep Show’s Last Shout

The Drag mansion has been putting on the baddest and best free drag show for a couple years now since taking the reigns from drag princess Artemis Chase. And though they may try to find a new venue (and I sincerely hope they do) Red cap’s closing certainly means a hiatus, at least for the rest of 2012. So for their last performance they’re really pulling out the stops. I’m talking a ChiChi and Chonga reunion people!

Here’s just a short rundown of the performers you’ll get to see.

Ecstasy Inferno
Georgia Ray Babycakes
Chi Chi and Chonga (together again for one night only)!
Carla Rossi
Jeau Breedlove
Asia Ho Jackson
Mr E
Fannie Mae Darling
Velvet Hexe
Slim Pickins and Laura Beth
The Dolly Pops

There will be more including surprise guests. It’ll be followed by a dance party DJ’d by Hold My Hand of Queerlandia and Bridge Club.

Saturday August 18th

Last Dance Going Away party

Lastly, the final night be just be a big ol’ dance party/cry fest (the ladies are used to this but it might be new for the gents) featuring DJs LePhreak and Francisco, hosts Adam West and Poison Waters, and a gaggle of hotties, bodies, well-wishers and mourners. I mean anything can happen folks, we’re shutting. it. down. Literally. So long Red cap and thanks for the memories from stage to bathroom (you know what I’m talking about).


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