Hate Free Chicken Sandwich

While homophobic conservatives flocked (pun intended) to Chick-Fil-A for hate appreciation day, the the uber-gay Hamburger Mary’s franchise introduced their own knockoff, the Hate-Free Chicken Sandwich. ”It’s modeled after a certain restaurants recipe. This is not copied as a compliment,” executive chef Sagamore Blakley said.

The controversy started when Chick-Fila-A COO Dan Cathy took a public position against same-sex marriage saying, “guilty as charged” for backing what he called “the biblical definition of a family.” That is, Chick-Fila-A funds anti-marriage campaigns.

Pro and anti-marriage activists have been at each other’s throats online and at dinner ever since, with this week seeing ”Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” in stark contrast to the promise of gay kiss-ins around the country. The ”Kiss Mor Chiks” event is planned for today at any CFA location, but while Portland once again has a Hamburger Mary’s local branch (now located at 19 NW 5th) we don’t have a CFA at all. So when we’re noshing a bird sammie for the next month, which is how long Mary’s will feature the sandwich, it will likely be a pro-gay meal. Kiss your loved ones or not, as you desire.

All the proceeds from the Hate-Free Sandwich at the Portland location will go to Pride Foundation. Way to turn it around guys. Click through the image to the side to see other ways that it might not be so bad that Chick-Fila-A admitted its bigotry.

Check out KGW’s coverage of the kerfuffle:


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  1. I have to ask, because I haven’t found anyone talking about this… does the LGBTQ community support other ‘non-traditional’ marriage equality rights, such as those between two close relatives (first cousins, half-siblings, etc.), or groups of 3 or more, assuming all parties are consenting adults? At what point should one set a limit as to what constitutes a legal marriage – and why?

    Given the mixed nature of American’s living arrangements (single parents, co-habitating, married straight/gay, domestic partnerships, etc.), does it even make sense for the government to give recognition and benefits to _any_ single group? What’s the point?

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