Victim Focus Group

The Regional Research Institute (RRI) at Portland State University is conducting a Needs Assessment of Crime Victims in Oregon and are looking for members of specific populations to participate in various Focus Groups. To participate they ask that you,

  • are a member of the LGBTQ community
  • have received services in Oregon in the past two years because they were a victim of a crime and
  • can be in the Portland area in August or September

These group discussions are in English in a room with people like you who have also experienced a crime. They should last about one hour in a safe, neutral location that is accessible by public transit. They will ask about the services you received as a result of being a victim of a crime, services you needed but didn’t get, special service needs that victims from your community may have, and difficulties accessing service

Those who meet the criteria and participate in one of the sessions will receive a $30 Fred Meyer gift card (a store where you can conveniently pick up Just Out!). To find out if you qualify go to or call toll free 1-855-576-9444.

Or if you would rather just complete and anonymous online survey visit

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