New Vision. Same Soul.

Jonathan Kipp, Just Out Publisher & Owner

Besides horseback riding, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his partner, Eddie, and their 2 children.

by Jonathan Kipp, Just Out Publisher

I’ll never forget it. The sun was beating down on my back. The horse beneath me was breathing hard from the climb up the vista. And as I approached the crest of this Montana outlook, the vast view quickly grew in size as we came to a halt. I was alone except for a few gay cowboys and girls who were on the same adventure and, of course, our four-legged companions.

No one spoke. Pure stillness. And that was the moment. I finally felt right in my own skin. I was home.

I think many of us have a moment like this in our memory. There is a time when we leap from mere acceptance to pure
celebration of who we are. Pride. For some it comes early in life. And yet for others it can take a lifetime to get there. We are all on our own path.

When I think of Pride, I think of that journey to Big Sky country, that ride, and how life got a little sweeter that day.

We are all on a journey. Just Out is too.

After nearly 30 years of consistent publishing Just Out hit a bump in the road. You probably heard about it. It was indeed a sad day for thousands of loyal readers. Many have reached out. They expressed their eagerness to fight for Just Out’s return. And as you well know, things worth having are things worth fighting for. And Just Out is.

Just Out is back in production under new ownership. And there is a new vision for this endeared publication. You’ll get a sense of it as you peruse the pages in our debut issue. But rest assured, Just Out has the same soul that only decades of publishing can bring to a bunch of white bound pages.

For nearly three decades Just Out has been there for our community through thick and thin. And readers and advertisers have been there for Just Out. We’ve celebrated together and we’ve grieved together. We’ve seen progress and we’ve been forced to reckon with setbacks. We’ve turned on one another and we’ve turned toward each other. We’ve celebrated our pride and had to face our shortcomings. And like I did so many years ago, we’ve read of people that have gone before us; during our darkest moments their stories planted a welcomed seed of hope that it gets better.

We’ve been through it all. But there is more to do. There are more stories to tell. There are more minds to change, souls to touch, and the ever-alluding ideal of justice for all people to fight for.

To do this, Just Out needs to be there doing its job of entertaining, informing, and being the collective mirror of our community as it has been for so long. But more importantly, Just Out needs you for the next 30 years. We are in this together whether we are sitting in an urban studio apartment alone, at a party with hundreds of our friends, or sitting speechless taking in a spectacular view — on a horse.



Jonathan Kipp

About Jonathan Kipp

Jonathan Kipp, Just Out’s owner and publisher is a native Oregonian and has a background in niche magazine publishing, advertising, marketing, and journalism. His career includes a 2-year stint as a reporter for Just Out where he covered controversial stories about the Oregon Citizen’s Alliance, The Portland Police Bureau, The Boy Scouts of America and the about-to-change Burnside Triangle. He has a BA in Journalism, a BS in Biology, and is currently pursuing an MBA. Jonathan and co-owner Eddie Glenn have been life and business partners for 18 years. Today Jonathan and Eddie are dads of two young children.

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