Attack Update

Paul Anthony Martinson, 39, still faces charges of assault, intimidation and criminal mischief in connection with an event on March 14 in downtown Portland outside the Silverado. Martinson is alleged to have assaulted a gay couple while making anti-gay slurs and then vandalizing their car.

A few days later Martinson reached out via voice mail to Just Out asking for support, presumably for his legal bills. Just Out didn’t return Martinson’s call. Martinson appeared on local television news that night, pronouncing his innocence of any hate crime.

According to Portland Police the case has been assigned to Deputy District Attorney Ryan Lufkin and is proceeding through the court system.


  1. Why wouldn’t you help? There has to be solid evidence that he committed a crime. Just how the gay population doesn’t want to be judged, straight s deserve the same treatment. Is a terrible world when any one group makes the rules. Being gay isn’t about hating straight s. As a mixed, bisexual woman who wants to play the floor of a victim

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