Mariposa Award Winners

In the spirit of reclamation that the queer community does so well Portland’s Latino Gay Pride established the Mariposa Awardsin 2008 to recognize outstanding individuals in the community. The literal translation meaning butterfly, the term mariposa has been used as a derogatory term for gays so PLGP decided to turn the tables and celebrate the butterfly within. The awards will be handed out this Thursday July 19th Noche Bohemia – PLGP Opening Reception at the Q Center (4115 N Mississippi Ave) in a free and all ages event. This year’s four winners were nominated by members of the cimmunity and chosen based on the criteria below:

  • History of community involvement and volunteerism
  • Advocacy and support of the Latino and/or LGBTQ community
  • Commitment to arts and culture as a means to educate and inspire
  • Demonstrated leadership and dedication to social justice

Ernesto Dominguez is a big youth advocate (and still a youth himself) who has worked in HIV prevention as part of ChatPDX and as has spoken up for immigrant youth and education rights. He has won an HRC scholarship as well as a Youth Leadership Award which he accepted this year at the Creating Change conference. Arnoldo Jaramillo has served as a mentor in the Multnomah County Juvenile Department for 15 years and is called both a friend and mentor by those he has worked with. Aeryca Steinbauer has worked to create bridges between LGBT and immigrant movements in Oregon. OYE: Opciones y Educación is a group that has been active for the past 3 years to make sure the Latino community has adequate sexual health information and access.

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