Dirty Queer goes quarterly

A message from organizer Sossity Chiricuzio:

Dirty Queer, the local x-rated open mic, has been running monthly for over 5 and 1/2 years now. I feel quite sure that we have, collectively, helped sway the balance more strongly to the sex positive, shame free, self loving side of things, and that is exactly what I have always wanted with this event, and in my life. The people who have attended and performed and supported this event are community and ritual and hot date night, all in one. Gorgeous.

And, like many relationships … there sometimes comes the need for change. For figuring out how to better cherish each other, and bring our very best to the table. For making our time together as special and energizing and fun as possible. For us, that time has come.

After July, the Dirty Queer format will be quarterly, rather than monthly. It will happen at the same time and place (2nd Friday of the month, In Other Words), but only during the following 4 months: October, January (our 6th anniversary!), April and July.  The July 13th event is also the last Dirty Queer you can perform at to have your piece eligible for submission to the Dirty Queer anthology (submission guidelines on our website: dirtyqueer.com).

I hope and believe that this change will allow us to cherish our time together more fully, to build up our art and passion to share with each other, to generate excitement and energy for everyone involved, and to raise more funds for In Other Words when we gather.

Alley Hector

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