Shorty Shorts in review with La Pump music vid

La Pump and a big cat

While Thursday’s Shorty Shorts local queer short film festival was in its second year, it was the first year it has really come into its own, with a packed house at an actual movie theater.

Most flicks were humorous, music videos or both, but there were a few heartfelt real life moments such as the excellent “I think I might fall in love with my one night stand” Be Here Now, or the real life transition documenting of Vagland. Another dramatic moment was a trailer for a documentary called Who was Roy Hudgins that will hear more about this week as it starts its Kickstarter campaign.

Organizer Gula Delgatto made great appearances in a couple, Melody Awesomazing and Carla Rossi starred, and Asia Ho Jackson and Christiopher Sein also popped up for some great showings. But my personal fav was a take off on Drunk History. The basic premise from Funny or Die is to get a narrator completely smashed and have them tell an historical tale. Then they will get actors to play our some of the description. In Gay Drunk History we had David Fletcher explaining the Stonewall riots and it was hilarious.

There were some sexy music videos from BoyFunk and Jeau Breedlove but La Pump’s “Magnet” which featured director Aubree Bernier-Clarke’s cat in an oversized role as singer/songwriter Jen Agosta’s companion had the strongest laughs. It premiered for the rest of the world Friday on AfterEllen and now you can see it here too.

And if you like what you see check out their show Monday November 19th at the East End.

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