Gossip release “Get a Job” video

gossipjobWhether you are toiling away on this half holiday or are looking forward to tomorrow being your Monday all you workers will appreciate this Gossip video extolling the virtues of not living off your rich parents while taking a tongue-in-cheek view of the classifieds.

Alley Hector

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Alley Hector is proud to be a Q, a PDXer and Just Out's Editor-in-Chief.


  1. Hooray!

  2. kelsy sampson says:

    F******** speaking my mind cuz i never was allowed to speak it. inspired.exactly what i need. im mad that i cant find one. and alot of companies and pppl dont care that ppl are desperate. ive been looking for one for months. ive realzed that companies are blind to see that ppl need a job and are stupid bastards that only think of themselves just like rich ppl do. i feel bad for ppl that need the job to support their families and they are out of luck. i feel really bad for them.

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