The sound of Diamond Rings Wednesday

John O as Diamond Rings

Flashy and electro-artsy recording artist Diamond Rings will be here this Wednesday at the Doug Fir (830 E Burnside) along with supporting act Gold Fields.  The Devo-esque club beat-maker recently released a behind the scenes look at his most recent music video.  The clip reveals details on the process John O takes with his team to create a visual performance.  He displays his collaborative creative control that extends beyond the music including fashion and makeup choices, video treatments and album art work.

The art school graduate’s latest album, Free Dimensional due October 23, is a cohesive project with John O (Diamond Rings) in the driver’s seat.  John has full control over all creative components of his latest album including album art, videos, fashion, and more.  Fashion influences can be seen in the music video for the lead single “I’m Just Me” which you can see below. The single lyrically follows the positive music trend of acceptance, becoming comfortable with who you are and confident in your skin.

As for the rest of Free Dimensional, you’ll hear the work of co-producer Damian Taylor, (Bjork, The Killers, Prodigy, Robyn) lyrical honesty, clever juxtapositions and a unique electronic sound.

Diamond Rings Plays with Gold Fields this Wednesday November 14th at the Doug Fir Lounge at 9pm. $10 advance, $12 at the door. 

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