DECEPTiCONS at Risk/Reward Festival


WRQ! or WWWEEERRRQQQ,  is being featured at Hand2Mouth’s Risk/Reward Festival June 23rd and 24th 7:30pm at Artist Repertory Theatre, and again in a new iteration at Conduit Dance Studio as part of it’s Dance + series July 19th-21st 8pm.

WRQ! is a collaborative dance/sound performance developed by the newly found DECEPTiCONS directed by Kaj-anne Pepper featuring dancer Jen Hackworth, local drag luminary Carla Rossi (aka Anthony Hudson) and Mickey Pollizatto (CJ and The Dolls).

WRQ! is about the queering of expectation and the power of queer language. The DECEPTiCONS explore sound, language, and image through dance, video and music weaving together a visceral and hysterical sonic exploration of identity.

At heart a collaboration, Kaj-anne Pepper directs and co-choreographs visceral and unique body narrative along with Jen Hackworth. Anthony Hudson as Carla Rossi engages the audience and performers with cabaret hysterics rooted in her self-made mythos, while sound engineer and track maker Mickey Pollizatto as Cabiria Jones creates, deconstructs and mixes sound live. Together we present WRQ! as an in-progress exploration of sound, music, and dance/theatre.

Expect audience participation in the construction of character, sound and suspense! Screams, laughter, and an amalgamation of multiple talents feeding a new exploration in queer aesthetics and queered expectation!

Meet the clowns in this video:

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