A very queer New Years

Storm Large has 2 special NYE performances at the Star Theater Sunday December 30th and Monday December 31st.

Now that we’ve all officially survived the Mayan apocalypse it’s time to party in the year we thought may never come. This is your guide to the gay and gay-friendly happenings of 2013 eve.

Platinum Ball 2012 – Must be a tradition for CC’s to title their NYE parties for the outgoing year. Everything else is good ol’ fashioned gay bar.

Storm Large – What better way to ring in the new year than with the gayest 8 mile vagina and million mile voice in the land.

Get In! – Two venue party gives purpose to getting some fresh air even for the non-smokers. And though you have the share the space with some straight hipsters it’ll be well worth it for this musical lineup that includes Magic Mouth and DJ Freaky Outty.

Lavish – Scandals has Absolute specials and tunes from the Saturday Night Orphans for those who want to keep it gay but just a tad more mellow.

Escape – The “new E-Room” has a special place for lesbians and friends to welcome 2013.

Boxxes - Be gay with an 80s vibe with 2 “speakeasy” style bars. I would be interested to see that 20s and 80s decade integration.

Butt Plug Klub – One of the dirtiest party’s is back, I’m sure with a bang. With hosts and performers Boy Funk and Ambrosia Salad I have no doubt it will surpass their last New Year’s party, and I nearly had to go to the hospital that time…

No cover New Years at Crush – Even broke queers can get their dance on during one of the most expensive night’s out all year. Great cocktails and tunes from DJ Aurora makes this no less fun than any party that costs a few bills.

Swag – This neighborhood gay bar has quickly become the Northeast’s biggest hotspot and one of the more truly diverse LGBT zones. DJs Ill Trill, Slutshine (from the new and wildly popular Twerk) along with Goss’p Cat heat up this small dance floor. Bring your bling!

Trannyshack - Infamous drag troupe from San Francisco picks up a few locals and will bring the Eagle’s house down. I really can’t imagine how packed that little venue with be with the likes of Heklina, Fannie Mae Darling, Gula DelGatto, Little Tommy Bang Bang, Ecstasy Inferno, Kaj-Anne Pepper, and Carla Rossi all performing for the pleasure of a sweaty audience. Damn, you’ll be wet and exhausted by 2013. And ain’t that a way to start the year?


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