A weekend of Bingo benefits, superheroes and holiday cheer

Triangle Production’s Joan Crawford Christmas

Although I will be at my nerdiest of nerdy this weekend at BentCon, a gay version of San Diego’s ComicCon (and believe me, I’ve already heard, “Isn’t that already pretty gay?” enough already) there is a ton I will be missing right here in rainy Portland. So, while I do hope you look forward to some blogging and tweeting from BentCon I would never think to deprive you of my totally biased recommendations of the best stuff to do this weekend.


A Very Joan Crawford Christmas – Nothing says holidays like mean old ladies so start the season right with Triangle Production‘s rendition of the wire hanger famous biddy.


Twerk – A queer Portland hip hop night that is not only surviving but thriving. It has some real diversity and more fun (and booty) than any of us deserve really.

Temple – The new westside social is only 3 months old but is already thriving in its new Matador venue. Great preview of what to expect from organizer Samuel Thomas’ upcoming bar/club Shiny, plus a Carla Rossi look-alike contest, which I mistakenly ascribed to last week. Oh well, you can never get enough Carla.


41st annual Lewis & Clark Cat Show – Lesbians and very pretty cats. Need I say more?

Maricon – Are you there God? It’s me Maricon…Making adolescent books dirty since 2011.

Red Light in store with Boy Funk – Having just released his first EP Boy Funk is ready to celebrate the holidays slut style with enough opportunity to shop as you rock.

Mass of Healing and Remembrance – In stark contrast to style pop this somber occasion commemorates World AIDS Day.

KRS party with STLS – Lezzie drumcore at the tiny Record Room should blow your eardrums…in a good way.

Misfit Bingo Roy Hudgins documentary fundraiser – Earlier this month we told you about the amazing video project about the mysterious life of a trans individual living in the south. Now you have another chance to support the project while chillaxing and having fun with the locally based filmmakers.


GenderFree Square Dance – Swing your (non-gendered) partner round and round.

TransActive’s “SuperHeroes for SuperKids” – Some of the most vulnerable members of our community are also the cutest. Yes, (trans)kids will get you every time, and with a superhero theme? It’ll be easy to part with funds. And no, I haven’t sat in my house watching various documentaries about gender variant children crying on one rainy, PMSy day…

Pride Bingo – In the weekend’s second Bingo benefit Hamburger Mary’s hosts the game to raise money for Pride Foundation. Great prizes from SheBop, Mother’s Bistro, Salt & Straw, School of Rock, Artists Repertory Theatre, Sock Dreams, Loyly, Sara Belle Upcycled, Equinox, and Hip Chicks Do Wine.

Bridge Club Gold edition – Bridge Club has officially been here a year so that’s enough reason to celebrate, but that this is the last one before taking a long winter hibernation means you really better party your afternoon away. Sunday tea my a$$, this is the last one ’til March.

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