A weekend of Fire and Ice, 70s and sequins

DJ BeyondaDoubt and Magic Mouth frontman Chanticleer team up for the first Cockabilly on Thursday. Photo by Megan Holmes.

Editor-in-chief Alley Hector’s totally biased list of the best stuff to do this weekend. And whoa dudes, although I’m sad I won’t be here to experience any of this, as I will be out of the country for a couple weeks, it is almost a blessing, seeing as there’s almost no way to choose between about a million amazing things each night. I’d need a personal driver just to keep up. I recommend that you book one now.


Cockabilly – You’re incredibly busy week starts off with a new night from Magic Mouth’s male chanteuse Chanticleer and the soul sister behind the decks DJ BeyondaDoubt. Rhythm’N'Blues & early Rock’N'Roll wax will frame the Cockabilly Go-Go crew for a night that should be truly rockin’.

Gay and Grey Social – Just because you’re a little over the hill doesn’t mean you’re not still a gay social butterfly. Meet other kids your own age every 4th Thursday for Happy Hour, otherwise known as dinnertime.


Homodeluxe – With a special guest in all the way from Berlin, marathon jukebox Frenchie La Fraicheur, this is a Deluxe not to miss. Fraicheur has performed alongside Justice, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Lauren Flax, Lady Sovereign, Nark, Skiddle, and many more.

Twerk – BeyondaDoubt makes her debut at the newest and most successful queer hip hop party to date.

Temple – This laid back Westside queer night will feature a drink special to benefit organizer Samuel Thomas’ forthcoming new venue Shiny. So sit back and sip.


Q Center Gala: Fire & Ice – The Q Center’s annual gala is the biggest night of their year. This Fire and Ice, yin and yang, themed events will bring together a night of passion and confidence and is currently SOLD OUT. But never fear, a limited number of $35 party-only tickets will be available at the door. Whew!

Blow Pony – The granddaddy of underground gay nightlife welcomes guest hosts and performers Vivvyanne Forevermore and Elijah Minelli.

Sequin City – Organizer for the wildly popular 60s soul night SugarTown, DJ Actionslacks, kicks the disco soul vibe up a notch with a one time gig in North Portland. You won’t want to miss this chance to wear that Leisure Suit.

Hey Queen – Gaycation’s Mr Charming guests at this Bruce LaBruiser party in wonderful sort of party school exchange program switcheroo from last weekend.

Hotflash Inferno – The second of not one but TWO celebrations of this early party’s 9 years in biz.

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