Holiday in between weekend picks

Jinkx Monsoon

You might want to save yourself for NYE but the weekend still has a few good starters.


Twerk – Just a little appetizer for this DJ duo’s big blowout 3 days later. Just to whet the appetite for a gay hip hop new year.

Apocalysp – The other side of the gay musical genre spectrum helps kick off New Year’s weekend with a punk rock party.

Temple: A Westside Social – Fourth installment of a party that should give you just a taste of the great things to expect from organizer Samuel Thomas’ upcoming club opening.


Alaska Thunderf*ck and Jinkx Monsoon – SMYRC-raised Jinx Monsoon is a contestant on the newest RuPaul’s Drag Race, so we have have a local champ to cheer for. Begin cheering in person at Rotture on Saturday when she’s joined by a host of local favs including Little Tommy Bang Bang, Fannie Mae Darling and Artemis Chase (returning from retirement!). Best drag otufit also gets the chance to chill backstage with this celeb crew so you better work girl. And for an intimate look into the mind of our hometown hero check out this interview with JO columnist Logan Lynn over the the Q Center blog.


Storm Large – First of 2 nights of NYE concerts with Portland’s favorite wide-vagina-ed chanteuse.

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