Lez Stand Up this weekend

Don’t miss the lady comedy at Lez Stand Up this Saturday at Mississippi Pizza.

Editor-in-Chief Alley Hector’s totally biased opinion of the best stuff to do this weekend and it’s a yet another weekend I’m not here. Luckily this one is mildly less busy than the craze that was last weekend. Unless tons of things pop up in between me writing this way ahead of time and when you’re reading it. But here’s what’s good so far anyway.


Queer-ee-oke – The only time I caught this karaoke night that has seen more Indigo Girls songs than any other it was packed so get your names in early my little songbirds. It’s a great alterntive to the dark club vibe with just as much dating material.

Apocalysp – Monthly party that celebrates queer punk moves to the first Friday for February. Special guest Chelsea Starr helps spin the new wave, underground, indie, queercore, and riot grrrl jams.


Lez Stand Up – If men think women can’t be funny they must think lesbians are really dull. The hilarious Kirsten “Kupp” Kuppenbender (Champion Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia-ist) and friends will surely prove them wrong in this semi-regular event. Special guests this month include Mel Heywood (Champion Cat Psychologist), Jes Rega (Champion Child Fashion Psychologist), Diane Gasperin (Champion Bolo Tie Slider), Valentine Freeman (Champion keyboard-tickler), Sisterbritt (Champion Sibling Rivalist), Bob E Sox (Champion Evanquilitrist).

Maricon – Good, clean fun at the Eagle…except for that good and clean part. But fun…oh yeah.


Superbowl at Scandals – If you don’t have an amazing foodie house in which to celebrate this sports “holiday” spending it with the gays is the next best thing. Especially since we’ll talk through most of those boring “plays” and turn the sound all the way up for Beyonce’s sure to be amazing halftime show. I mean, it’s gotta be better than the Black Eyed Peas even if she wasn’t an icon.

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