Thanksgiving weekend picks

In order that we may all be thankful for food comas and 2 days off work this week’s edition starts a day early. But it takes 2 days off as well, so eh, to Portland holiday laziness…which I’m all about. But now, onto Editor-in-Chief Alley Hector’s totally biased recommendations of the best stuff to do this weekend.


Pre-Thanksgiving dance party – You thought the E Room was gone…and it is…but it’s cousin as been resurrected as a good old school not quite dyke bar all the way up on 92nd. So if you’re looking for nostalgia, or just a drink before family sh** hits the fan, this is your spot.

Queer/Feminist Sci-Fi book club – These go on every month but only this month is it a weekend night. So it’s the perfect opportunity to recruit you to my nerd circle. This week is Beyond Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction which is a series of short stories, so even if you only have time to read one you can still discuss.

We Were Here - Another screening of the Oscar nominated locally directed movie about the early days of AIDS. Screens again on Saturday.

Thursday & Friday

Though I have actually seen queers escape their families for late night dance parties it seems this year we will be sleeping it off, making leftover turkey sandwiches, and frantically hunting for socks and electronics at 4am just like everyone else. But don’t worry, because the competing events begin again on Saturday.


Hey Queen – If you haven’t heard the rumor one of the best and longest running queer parties, Bent, will have only one more event this December so this may be one of the last chances to see their resident, Roy G Biv. I’m sure she will continue to guest, as she does here, but we all want to get as much of the rainbow in before she’s gone and gloom really sets in.

Blow Pony gets stuffed with Carla Rossi – Blow Pony may not be what it once was but if anyone can make it truly come alive again it’s the wacky and wonderful Carla Rossi. I think there will be a lookalike contest, which should really blow your mind along with all your ponies.

Gary Noland – Watch as Portland Composer Gary Noland narrates and accompanys himself at the piano in his two-hour monologue about a college professor who slowly loses his one-upmanship over his students.


Gender Free Square Dance – Cuntry in the city!

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