The weekend will leave you Faded and Ruthless

Writer A.M. O’Malley reads about her working class childhood Friday at IPRC

Editor-in-Chief Alley Hector’s totally biased picks of the best stuff to do this weekend.


Faded – A new night in Nopo! And at a new venue too. Well, actually the Kenton CLub is old school but it’s new to queer dance parties. So come get some top 40 from the ladies who are bringing you the new and wildly popular Twerk.

Namoli Brennet, Kari Newhouse, Annie Vergnetti – Singer/songwriter night comes to the Tardis Room with 3 great ladies.

Anna Fritz and Timmy Straw - Longtime member of the Portland Cello Project is releasing a full length album. Opener electro artist Timmy Straw will start the evening off right.

Dark Night of the Soul – Stand up tragedy with Kaj-anne Pepper, A.M. O’Malley, Daniel Borgen, Andrew Barter, Jason Myers. I’m not even exactly sure what this means but but these folks know how to tell a story.


Paula Poundstone – Comedienne of NPR weekend fame brings her grown-up comedy to Eugene.

Ruthless – Electro pop for the fiercest of fiercers in the gayborhood.

Trailers, Chicken Coops, and Section 8 – Women authors read about class. A subject that rarely gets its due will have lively stories but some of my favorite local writers A.M. O’Malley, Sailor Holladay, Jenny Forrester, Krystee Sidwell, Chelsea Starr and Valentine Freeman.


Gaycation – I found out this weekend that organizer and DJ Mr Charming has not missed one Gaycation in the entirety of its epic 7 year run. For a party that is still one of the best this is a hugely impressive feat. Sprinkle in the beats of newer gal about town Bruce LaBruiser and you’ve got yourselves a damn fine event. This is the Saturday spot.

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