Weekend of Love Balls, Bloody Valentines, Body Heat and Boyeurism

Check out unique and sexy undies such as this set by R.A.W. textiles Thursday at

Check out unique and sexy undies such as this set by R.A.W. textiles Thursday at Secret Society

Editor-in-Chief Alley Hector’s totally biased opinion of the best stuff to do this weekend and I’m finally back from the equator. So let’s see if I can still make it out after being in 6 airports in 2 days. Either way stay tuned for some trip highlights in the March issue.


Unmentionable: A lingerie exposition – Queer and queer adjacent textile makers such Alihalla, Mag-Big and Lille Boutique send scantily clad models down the runway for a sexy and stylish Valentines fashion show.

Boyeurism – PDXxx’s sexiest dancers, aerialists, vocalists, acrobats and performers in an all man revue that’s gotta be 10x more interesting than any Chippendale.

Twerkbag – 2 NE neighborhood faves, Dirtbag and Twerk, combine forces to make one amazing booty-poppin’ night at the Know.


Boots & Beats - It’s the Bootblack week kickoff at Crush and boy will it be some kinky fun. Check out more on this weekend for NW leather enthusiasts here: bootweekend.weebly.com.

BMP/GRND – 90s night for the Q Crew means business. Get in for a discount with the decade’s designer duds.


Inferno – The former over 35 party has new young blood with DJs Roy G Biv and Mr Charming. This ain’t your Grandma’s party…but she’s invited too.

Love Ball – Drag Ball for the Houses and children of Portland with locally loved realness categories such as Fixed Gear in Heels and Rooster Rock Realness.

Mrs Bloody Valentine – Puntacular host Valentine presents this month’s gory goo goo eyes and bleeding hearts for Portland’s best queer dress up party.


Body Heat: Femme Porn Tour – National touring collective of fierce Queer Femme smut/erotic writers, authors, performers, poets, and dancers was founded in 2007 by Kathleen Delaney-Adams with the hope of supporting and promoting Queer Femme visibility and desire through their contributions to erotica, the sex industry, and the sex-positive movement. You won’t want to miss them in this intimate setting.

Valentines from Hell – This 30th anniversary celebrates and remembers Rose Empress VI Mame, featuring a spectacular showcase of the Northwest’s Divine Tough Drags. Mame along with Rose Emperor V Frank came up with the idea for this hairy drag to benefit the Pride of the Rose Scholarship Fund. The PRSF is available to Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgendered, or Queer persons and their children to further their secondary education. Since it’s inception the PRSF has given more than $325,000 in scholarships.

Grammy watching at Scandals – Swoon or heckle the world’s “greatest” pop artists with your fellow gays, who are best at both.

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